The Bone Box is an educational offer that is aimed at disseminating knowledge about human biology and human population history through practical work with skeletons. The courses are held in the skeletal collection, at schools or at events held in museums.

We offer teaching or lectures within the following subjects:

  • Life, health and death in medieval and early modern time
  • Infectious diseases including leprosy, tuberculosis and syphilis
  • Methods used when examining skeletons
  • Human biology and variation
  • Human evolution
  • Forensic anthropology

Teaching resources are available for download.


  • In the skeletal collection: 45 min lecture, 1500 kr ex. VAT
  • Visits at schools: 45 min lecture, 1500 kr ex VAT and costs for transportation covered.


For booking and further information please contact:

Department secretary Bodil Theilade,, Tel: 6550 9083;
assist. prof. Dorthe Dangvard Pedersen,, Tel: 2878 3611 or
professor Jesper Boldsen,, Tel: 2618 4540