The collection is being moved from Lucernemarken to campus

ADBOU lab facilities have been moved to the university campus. Some of the collection is still stored in Lucernemarken, waiting to be cleaned and then moved to campus. Offices have now moved to Forskerparken 10E, 5230 Odense M.

The reason for moving was the bad conditions of the present building, which was contaminated with an increasing amount of mould. The level of mould is so far not dangerous for the personnel’s health, nor for the preservation of the bones in the collection.

Nevertheless, before it got too bad, and for the safety of the personnel, it was decided promptly to leave the building and move the offices to very nice and modern facilities closer to university campus.

Working with the bones, routinely as well as osteological reporting, researching and teaching, continues as before. So please do not hesitate to contact us, or to send bones to ADBOU for handling! Our work continues as usual!